So today I ran into a weird little problem with After Effects CC

I could select something once, do maybe one operation (such as resizing it, or moving it), and then I couldn’t drag any more.  Couldn’t use any pan tools.  I could click on things, and enter values (position, scale) manually, mind you – I just couldn’t do anything with relative speed or ease.  It was really strange: dragging in After Effects simply wasn’t working.  Worked fine in all the other Adobe CC apps, though.

I can't Even

Source: who knows?

Well, after poking around a bit, and disabling various bits of software, I realized that I had synergy running, and it operates so seamlessly and usually without any issues, that I never just think to turn it off.

And then I turned Synergy off

And all was well.  Why did this not crop up before? Well, while I’ve been using synergy for a while, using the mac as a server, two days ago I had switched the PC to be the server, and that was apparently when all this started, I just hadn’t used After Effects until now.

So there you have it.

If you’re using Synergy and After Effects, try turning off the Synergy server, and see if that makes your problem go away!

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