Yep – My Sticker Pack is done!

Today I released my first sticker pack for iOS and iMessage – it’s called “Manic Faces” and it’s available today in the app store!  Heavily inspired by my “Manic Faces” print, this sticker pack will allow you to harass your friends with truly excessive emotion.

Download it today on the app store!

It was a blast to make (well, until I had to submit it to Apple)

I really did enjoy drawing these little guys, and since they are pretty much based on my other piece, “Manic Faces”, and are a ‘standard’ style of illustration for me, there’s not a whole lot to show you from a ‘work in progress’ standpoint – I pretty much had an idea, and ran with it.  But for those of you who might be curious about making your own sticker packs, a word of warning:

  • Make sure your stickers are sized the way you want.  Apple says they will resize automatically – but… well, that didn’t work out.  Crashed my sim and my phone during testing.  Repeatedly.
  • If you change the build number (see above) during testing, you WILL get a warning.  Ignore it.  Don’t try to fix it.  No one has any support, and it’s not going to break anything
    • The warning is: “CFBundleVersion Mismatch – The CFBundleVersion value ‘1’ of extension ‘’ does not match the CFBundleVersion value ‘5’ of its containing iOS application ‘’.
    • This certainly wasn’t my first app on the app store, and it won’t be the last, but I never had so much frustration with an error before.
  • The ‘template’ that Apple supplies for making your app icon images is broken.  Horribly so, in a couple of places.  When you start adding app icons, pay attention to the warnings in the top right of xCode so you know what you need to adjust on the image in photoshop to get it right.

Other than that – it was pretty simple, and pretty fun to make.

Check out Manic Faces in the App Store today!