Do you like free stuff?

Wanna skip the intro? Great – head to the contest entry form.

Who am I kidding.  Everyone likes free stuff.  And – here’s a great bit of news – this one really is free!  Weeeeeeelllll – mostly free.  It’s not gonna cost you any money, is what I’m saying.  How do you enter?  Check out the form below!  All I need is your email address – and I’m not even going to use it for a mailing list!  How great is that?  The potential for free stuff, and I’m not even going to email you. In fact – I don’t even get your email address – does. What more can you ask for?

You can get even more entries by sharing the contest with your friends via email or over twitter, so you can annoy them, and I don’t have to! (I have got to stop just typing whatever comes to mind at any given time…)

Wanna see a sampling of what’s available? Head down to the gallery or visit my society6 or site shops.

Here’s the details:

If you’re selected to win, you will receive any item from either my Society6 shop, or my website shop here at, permitting that it’s $50 or less.  That covers pretty much everything except the larger canvas and framed pieces.  And possibly the duvet cover at S6.  If you’re outside the continental united States, unfortunately, I’ll have to give you a $50 coupon for my store instead – the cost of shipping artwork out of the country is too dang high.

If you're going to quote me at least quote me properly

“If you’re going to quote me, at least quote me properly” – Rent Guy

And here’s the contest!

Alex v. Art Giveaway!

What could you win?


I have 100+ art pieces available, and most have 20+ product types.  Look below for a sampling of what’s available!

The (Not) Fine Print

Pretty simple really.

If you enter and win this contest, you will be allowed to choose any product from my store here at <a href = “”></a>, OR my store at <a href = “”>Society6</a> so long as it meets the following conditions:

  • It’s $50 or less.

Yep – that’s pretty much it, and it pretty much covers anything except the larger framed works and larger canvas works.

Items that are selected from my Society6 store will take some more time to ship, as I will need to order it, have it shipped to me, and then ship it to you.  Items from my store will ship directly to you.

That said – all contest winnings will arrive within 3 weeks of contest closing date and winner selection.

<b>Additional Contest Considerations</b>

If your address is outside the continental United States, you will receive a $50 coupon for my online store at  I’m sorry, I really am, but shipping art internationally is just troublesome and expensive =(

Mailinator Email Addresses/mail obfuscation/or similar address types will NOT be eligible for winning the prize.  In the event that such an email address is selected as the winner, another winner will be chosen.  Sorry – but there’s no way to verify these addresses and, well, we’re just not going to accept that.