Yea – it’s a bit provocative.  But shouldn’t it be?

I think we can all feel the ‘siren’s call’ of social media at times – that desire to find meaning in little tidbits of the lives of others and others’ ‘acceptance’ of our own morsels.  This piece intends to evoke conviction against that pull – a visualization of the snare that 140 character updates can be.  A potentially ersatz community slowly replacing true companionship and fellowship as the tendrils of their ‘meaning’ wind their way around our selves until we are only our online persona. Ironic that I’ll be sharing this on those same medias, huh?

Ok – perhaps it’s not quite that dire.  But it could be.

Available on Society6.  Looks great as a t-shirt =P

alex van rossum - idle idols - print

alex van rossum – idle idols – print