Hey – it’s been a miiiiinute….

Yea – I got busy.

But I didn’t stop making things – because that would be lame, and lame, I am not.  At least – that’s what my mother always told me.  “You’re not lame, son.  You’re the un-lamest of them all.”  I believed her.  I just stopped talking about them, which is kinda lame.

So – I’ve still been making things – and due to a few issues I’ve been having with Society6 (as great as they are!) – and due to the pricing/royalties on society6 (still great! But they take too much!), I’ve also opened up a little Woocommerce store here on my site, where I can charge less, and make more (I’m all about transparency).  Go figure. Society6 can be for the public, but all y’all cool cats (my mother says you’re not lame too) can get stuff directly from me (well, from The Printful, because I’m too absent minded to ship things) at a lower cost!

So I read somewhere that if you say ‘iPhone’ and ‘iOS’ and possibly ‘Samsung explodes’ (I’m relevant, yea!… oh, that’s old news?) in your posts and titles, you get more hits.  Full transparency here – I’m all about the hits (please don’t hit me) but that’s not what drove me to say this next thing: I’m making a sticker pack for iOS!

Well, I’ve already made it, but I’m putting the finishing touches on it, and will be submitting it to apple today(ish)!

Here’s what it looks like:


Well, that’s just one of the 90 stickers that are included (spoiler alert – they are mostly just duplication of 30 base styles with other colors, but they are still fun =D).  There’s another three sticker packs planned too!  Awesome right?  It’ll be $0.99 in the App Store soon.

Ok – enough about iPhones and iOS and iMessage and Exploding Samsungs (see what I did there?) and on to the other art-y stuff:

Three new pieces I want to talk about since the last time I posted (I’ve made much more than that, though…)


I don’t like to tell people what I’m intending to convey when I post an art, but I’m usually trying to convey something, and that’s true here too.  It’s up to you to decide what =D

Available on avanrossum.com!

Available on Society6!


Available on avanrossum.com!

Available on Society6!

Other Worlds – Kaleidoscope Mandala

Available on avanrossum.com!

Available on Society6!

Ok- so I guess I didn’t really talk about these so much as i showed them to you, but whatever, we’re cool, right?

Anyway – check them out if you want!  Don’t if you don’t!

What was I supposed to do next?  Oh yea. Have something to say about today’s post?  Let me know in the comments below!  Doesn’t that just make you want to chat?