Offset printing errors are fun.

Sometime over the weekend my mind was strangely focused on morse code – so much so that I started to build designs around the ancient communications technology.  I also really like weird treatments to color and that effect you get when offset printing is a little too offset – you know – where say you’re looking for a nice green, but instead end up with a little bit of magenta on one end, a little bit of cyan on the other, and an incomplete design of green in the center?  Well, I like that look, it’s always brought me a little bit of joy when I see it on a cereal box or whatever.

So that’s part of the inspiration for this piece.  I’m not sure what the rest was anymore – sometimes when i start to actually work on something, the original sources or catalysts become muddy, and the piece is all that’s left.  It’s very much a lost wax process, only instead of wax, it’s memories, and instead of a casting it’s art, either digital or acrylic.

So – yea – here’s a much larger image of the design, and as usual, it’s available over at my Society6 page if you’re interested: “Digital Rain” By Alexander van Rossum at Society6. Do you ever find your mind obsessing over things? What’s the craziest?

"Digital Rain" By Alexander van Rossum

“Digital Rain” By Alexander van Rossum