One part “Skill Increase”, one part “Milking the Trends”

And no, I’m not even ashamed.

Yesterday was national drink beer day – and yes – I drank a beer.  Two, in fact.  They were tasty.  To celebrate, I also drew a quick sketch of a beer bottle, happy, of course, because beer. That sketch soon turned into an actual colored drawing. Then, today, it turns out, is National Coffee Day. I also happen to like coffee, so I quickly illustrated some coffee too =D

National Coffee Day - alex van rossum

They’re happy!

Soon after I loaded that image up into hootsuite (only the most comprehensive social media manager ever) for posting later today, I realized… I should do this more often.

I’m going to illustrate the trending Twitter hashtag of the day.

So – that’s what I’m going to do (not every day, of course, that would be a lot of work) – I know that I can ‘get better’ at illustrating things, my problem is simply a lack of true inspiration. I mean, I have plenty of ideas, but I lack the link that makes that idea something that I can imagine to do.  Its weird, I know. For some reason, something as simple as a trending twitter hashtag gives me the motivation to actually make it a reality… perhaps it’s the exposure I’ll receive from posting relevant content with regards to exposure?  I’m really not sure – but we’ll see if it falls prey to my habit of losing interest when something doesn’t work immediately =D

I’m looking forward to improving my skills through this exercise, and becoming better at design and illustration through it!

So – Coffee! is now in my store!  As a print, framed print, tote bag, and men’s and women’s t-shirts!  I’ll post it to Society6 whenever they get whatever technical issues that they are having resolved, as well.

And be on the look out for more #twittertrending illustrations and arts!

Bonus! I managed to double up with the #twittertrending with this gem:

dumpkin spice latte - alex van rossum

Even the coffee cup is disgusted.

Do you like my Coffee!? or hate it? Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts and criticisms!