Yesterday was, apparently, NationalTacoDay

As you may recall from a previous post, I’ve started to draw whatever is trending on twitter from time to time. I don’t necessarily trust that the trending topic on twitter is a legitimate representation of what holidays actually exist, but it does give me something to draw.  And draw I did!

national taco day - alex van rossum

He’s happy!

Had fun drawing this little guy – in fact – here’s a quick gif of the process:

National Taco Day - gif process - alex van rossum

30 minutes in 20 seconds hooray!

He’s available on Society6! As usual, in print form, as well as various household items and tech gear.

And now for something completely different

the larch - alex van rossum

No, not this.

The vampire bat! This guy was even more fun to illustrate – I don’t have a gif of his creation (forgot to record – sorry), but I do have a picture (of course).  Vampire bats and tacos don’t usually go together, but it really didn’t make a whole lot of sense to make two posts for this, so they’ve become fast friends.  Maybe frenemies – the taco doesn’t trust the vampire bat.  He thinks the vampire bat only wants to be his friend in order to get at his delicious meat insides. The vampire bat thinks the taco is paranoid, but he does think he smells nice. Almost tasty.

I vant to drink… oh, we’re not doing that anymore?

This little guy is available both on Society6 and in my personal store!

If you order soon – you’ll have it in time for Halloween to boot =D

What do you think of my new pieces?  Let me know in the comments!