Recently, it would appear that I have become obsessed with a pineapple.

It’s pretty bizarre, honestly – I had a thought “I should art a pineapple” and then – well, that’s what I did.  I went off to (if you use photos, and you’ve never been there – you need to go) – and hunted around for a pineapple.  And then I found one!  Following that, there was a flurry of editing and manipulation until I ended up with a couple of pop-arty pieces all centered around… this pineapple.

I have no idea what was wrong with me, but it was fun, so there’s that.  I still daydream of this pineapple – what else I could possibly do with it escapes me at the moment – but I promise you – there will be more pineapple.  These pieces, are, as always, available on Society6.

Here’s my favorite of all the variations:

alex van rossum - pineapple pop art

alex van rossum – pineapple pop art


And here’s a few other variations: