Honestly, at this point, it seems rather silly.

Writing a ‘hello’ post, that is. I’ve started and killed more blogs than I can count. I believe it’s customary, though, so, I’ll just include this little post here to be forgotten, relegated to the end of the list, rarely seen, and never discussed.

And – since I’ve pretty much covered everything there is to say about ‘hello’ and ‘the past’ (at least in regards to my blog posts, at any rate) I’ll just do something constructive here instead, and tell you a bit about myself.  I promise, should anyone be reading this, that most posts won’t be this… routine.  Or maybe they will.  One should never make promises they have no ability to keep.

I am, at the time of this post, thirty… something years old.  I’ve forgotten again, which isn’t unusual – time and I have a weird relationship: I don’t really acknowledge it’s existence, and it continues to exist, forcing me to submit to it’s wiles whether or not I care to give it itself of day.

I have a unique history that has led me to have a passion for both development (think WordPress, PHP, and the like) and artistry of other forms – painting, drawing, design, and typography.  But not system administration. Never again.  Truth is – and many won’t like this – I have a pretty interesting story (to me at least) that is 100% the work of God. Why do I know that?  Because if I try to take Him out of the story, none of it makes sense – and I can’t leave it up to entropy or coincidence.

I’ve been told I have a rather conversational form of writing, so I hope that makes it easy for you to read what I write. I also have a habit of being rather unfocused (both in the long term, or the short) so it’s entirely possible that there will be a blog post about art, followed by a post about PHP development, followed by a picture of a Shiba Inu sitting at a bar contemplating a glass of white wine.


I warned you. What did you expect?

So – here’s what I like, what I do, and what I’ll be writing about, in case you’re at all curious – oh, and don’t be surprised if i find out that one particular post type does better than the rest, and I start to just post those sorts of things instead. It’s not all about the benjamins, but, sometimes you have to make decisions that are – shall we say – financially sound.

It is to these guys, though

It is to these guys, though

I love music.  You’ll probably see me talking about that.  I enjoy developing with PHP – hacking is probably more accurate, though – I like to solve problems, not create things from scratch. It plays to my strengths of ‘being unfocused’ (see what I did there?  No negativity).  I enjoy putting two spaces after every period, because that’s how I was taught in school, and of all my habits, this seems to be the one that is the most impossible to break.  I love to paint, draw, and design.  I also love typography, and typographical treatments. Oh – and robots.  I have a thing for robots.  I don’t know why.

So – there you go.  If anyone manages to read this, and you’re in the USA (or an APO) i’ll mail you a letter with a sketch in it.  Just send an email to alex at testamentcreative dot com with your address.  Well, the first ten or so, at any rate – postage will start to get expensive, and I don’t exactly have any patrons at the moment =D.

Oh yea – I’m supposed to ask a question at the end to make it a ‘real’ blog post, right?  So – tell me, down there in the comments – what’s your favorite style of art?

Alex v.