This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to shoot the Wellspring Battle Workshop

I can’t tell you too much about it without rambling, but surmise it to say that Wellspring does an absolutely wonderful job of helping people with their emotional health, improving marriages, and bringing people into closer relationship with God.  Please, check them out here:  I’ll be attending their Battle for Men’s Hearts workshop in August, and , wow – I have to say, after seeing all the material they went through this past weekend, I am very much looking forward to it!  My good friend Robert Garvin and I were on site to film the proceedings for training materials, and we managed to pull it off with my D610, various cobbled together audio equipment, and a borrowed Canon Handicam in an overcrowded office conference room!

Yes – I know that sounds insane, but I love a challenge!

All in all, I feel like we managed to capture pretty good quality film of the event, but the event is not what I’m most proud of – no – it’s the impromptu interviews we filmed afterwards that really took the cake – scrambling to figure out how to shoot without any proper lighting (fluorescent FTW!), two cameras that don’t even remotely match in regards to quality and colorspace, no central TCG (or even a way to link everything if we had one) and we still ended up with one of the best-quality, quickly shot, unplanned, conversational interviews I think I’ve ever filmed!

I’ll post the videos of the interviews once they are out of post and approved (of course) but until then – here’s some quick photos of our (jury-rigged!) set up =D

What’s the most ridiculous video setup you’ve ever had to work with?

Wellspring interview - - alex van rossum


Wellspring interview - - alex van rossum

Notice the handicam…

Wellspring interview - - alex van rossum

RG killin’ it on sound.