WordPress is a great platform

There’s no doubt about that – it’s what drives the majority of sites out there, and it’s great for everything from showcasing art work (hello!) to writing weird fan fiction (nope.  Not going to even find that to link it.)

weird fan fiction - alex van rossum

My desk is NOWHERE near that clean IRL

If you’re like me, and you use WordPress pretty much every day, you may think that you’ve ‘found it all’ – that you’re familiar with every feature and aspect of what makes it great. You may not know about these five pretty awesome features though!

5. Inline Linking (Paste to Link)

This, despite it’s low score on this list, is still probably my favorite.  I actually found it by accident – I went to replace text with a link one day (a rare occasion where I needed the full URL visible) and pasted the copied link over my place holder text, and… boom.  text turned blue. I was all like whaaaaaaa?

whaaaaaa - alex van rossum

Artists rendering of what ‘whaaaaaa‘ looks like

The execution of this is pretty straight forward:

Copy a link, and paste it over text.  Watch below:

Inline Linking - alex van rossum


4. Favorite Plugins at wordpress.org

If you’re doing research on plugins, or if you do many WordPress installs, this one is invaluable.  You can favorite plugins (and themes!) at the WordPress Plugins directory for easy access whenever you need them!

First, login or register at wordpress.org, and then navigate to the plugins directory. Search for your plugin, and click the title for details.  When the plugin comes up, you’ll see a ‘favorite’ link on the details page.

favorite on wordpress.org - alex van rossum

Clicky clicky!

Once you’ve favorited your… erm… favorites, head back to your wordpress site, and go to “Plugins > Add new”

Add new plugin - alex van rossum

Yes, I need to update three plugins.

And click “Favorites”

click favorites - alex van rossum


From there, you’ll have the option to link your wordpress.org username, and then you can browse your selected favorite plugins

Login here - alex van rossum

This is your wordpress.org username, not your wordpress.com username


Favorites list - alex van rossum

All favorites

I have several plugins that I absolutely have to have installed on every WordPress installation that provide much-needed functionality, as you can see above. Probably the most important two are WordFence and UpdraftPlus.  If you don’t have WordFence installed on your WordPress site, you need to fix that now – it provides some pretty killer security. This feature means I don’t have to go off hunting for plugins every time I do an install!

3. Feel Like a Master Hacker with the Advanced Options Panel

A word of warning:  You can do some serious damage in here.  Be careful.

The Advanced Options panel is, for good reason, hidden pretty well in the WordPress Core.  In it you have access to variables and settings that would otherwise require mucking about in the WordPress Database. To get there, simply go to http://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/options.php

Advanced WordPress options - alex van rossum

Hackers unite!

2. Split A Post Up Into Pages

No one wants to look at the same page for very long these days – that’s why chunks of (mostly useless) updates and information on sites like Facebook and Twitter do so well – it’s satiates our brain’s need for new, without any of the commitment.  Unfortunately, this also bleeds over to everything else we do – and if your content is too long – or seemingly too long, people will leave.  It’s unfortunate, but true.  You can, however, create the appearance of ‘bite sized’ information by splitting your posts up into sections!  To do so – all you need to do is head to the ‘text’ tab of any WordPress editing window:

Text Tab - WordPress - alex van rossum

And input the tag “<!-nextpage->” where you want to break up your article!

next page - wordpress - alex van rossum

1. Use Shortcodes While Writing to Speed Up Your Formatting

This one saves – pretty much all the time.  All of it. You can use the following shortcodes to significantly speed up your editing time when you’re writing a WordPress post!

  • Use hastags to denote headers
    • # will make h1, ## will make h2, ### will make h3, etc
  • Start lists like this one (unordered) with * or –
    • Use 1) or 1. to start an ordered list
  • Instantly create a blockquote with >
  • And if you need to designate code, use `content`
    • That’s two ticks (below the tilde ~) with your content inside

Here’s an example:

shortcodes - wordpress - alex van rossum


So there you have it!  5 awesome things you may not have known that were build into to WordPress!.  Which one’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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